Yoga is a practice of deep listening. It's a return to your perfect wholeness.



In a world that tells you exactly who to be, true self expression is no small task. Lauren combines decades of experience as a clinical therapist and a yoga instructor to create endless space for authenticity. Working with Lauren means developing new, improved thought and behavior patterns that unlock freedom, empowerment, abundance and joy in everyday living.

Lauren trains leading innovators across a variety of sectors. Her client list includes successful startups in the wellness industry, hedge fund portfolio managers, and several celebrity clients. She also teaches at Soho House, Sweat Yoga, Equinox, and she regularly leads transformative wellness adventures around the world.


As a former finance executive, Lauren specializes in corporate yoga. Office yoga programs have been proven to help forward-thinking companies boost morale, energy and productivity throughout the day. Lauren understands that each company is unique, and she will work with your staff to create a program that meets the needs of your organization, whether it’s a vigorous morning wake-up, a mid afternoon therapeutic session, or an after-work wind-down.

Lauren has yeas of experience, designing programs for a variety of global institutions. She has headed ongoing office sessions at industry-leading firms as well as one-time special events for a multitude of companies of all shapes and sizes.


Health Magazine, Lululemon, Murad, Samsung, Spiritual Gangster, Sweaty Betty, Times Square Alliance, Wanderlust, Yoga Journal


One-on-one training is the most effective way to deepen and personalize your practice. With undivided attention, you can more quickly accelerate your level of understanding and move towards your personal asana goals more quickly.

Lauren will work with you to create a custom yoga practice that meets you where you are, to help meet your goals and individual concerns. Whether you're looking to reinvigorate a longstanding practice or dive onto the mat for the first time, investing in private lessons will create the time and space for you to experience the full benefits of a personalized yoga practice in the privacy of your home.


With over 3000 hours working with individuals, Lauren knows exactly how to help her clients out of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that stifle meaningful movement and block happiness. Lauren works with her clients to develop self-esteem, clarity of vision, and the courage to take action on paths of personal fulfillment.

Whether it’s finding a career and job that is satisfying, mending your relationship, dropping excess weight, the work that you do with Lauren will provide inspiration, new tools for living and serious results. Lauren focuses on cultivating self-respect and self-love by demanding honesty, accountability, and communication. She expects her clients to have big dreams and to make progress towards meaningful change. Each coaching program is customized to the individual needs of each person. Lauren’s process is designed for people who are ready to go the distance and achieve the results that they desperately want.


"I'm a beginner but really enjoy my lessons with Lauren. She has a uniquely positive energy and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and inspiring yoga instructor."

- Andy Frankenberger, World Poker Champion, Former Equity Derivatives Trader





Lauren is one of "15 Amazing Teachers to Study with & Follow on Social Media"

-Yoga Journal