Monday / Wednesday / Friday

7:00 p.m.
Sweat yoga - los angeles

Get ready to work in our signature class. Initially connecting breath and awareness, you'll subtly build on to a flow of postures that will have you moving & grooving on your mat. You'll truly think you are in yoga heaven. Creativity is welcome in sweat flow. Class winds down with floor work, followed by a sweet savasana.



9:30 a.m.
Power Yoga
Equinox - Westwood

An athletic Vinyasa practice. A vigorous, dynamic, physically and spiritually energizing form of Yoga that sculpts, hones and tones every muscle in the body. Includes various elements of many different Yoga styles.



11:00 a.m. in april
Knockout Studios, April Residency
knockout - los angeles

The KNOCKOUT instructors are creating innovative experiences and are the most sought after teachers leading wellness at major tech companies, Summit Series and all over the world.



6:00 p.m., april 1, 8 & 29
soul flow
light on lotus

A soulful expression of the vinyasa flow style designed to bring about a sense of balance and well-being. Open level, open mind, open heart. All levels.